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If you’re ready to invest better, Motley Fool Share Advisor can help. You don’t need a broker or a Finance degree to grow your wealth. You just need a few minutes a month, and some great stock recommendations – and that’s what we’re here for.

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We believe investing should be easy and accessible to everyone – that means none of the so-called "secret" tactics stockbrokers want you to believe go hand-in-hand with the market.

And while not every pick has performed as well, with huge winners like ResMed (ASX: RMD), NIB (ASX:NHF) and Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) under our belt since they were first recommended inside Share Advisor, we think we’ve proven our point.



▲ up 20% per annum

Recommended May 2013
Total returns 531%


NIB Holdings Limited

▲ up 17% per annum

Recommended Feb 2013
Total returns 406%



▲ up 43% per annum

Recommended July 2012
Total returns 4,996%

Returns as of 11 August 2023. Share Advisor’s inception is 5 December 2011

Share Advisor
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Fast and Easy

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2 New Stock Picks Each Month

We help do the research for you. Scott Phillips and his team of experienced analysts comb through the fine details and hand pick their best stocks to buy.

1 ASX Buy Recommendation
1 US Buy Recommendation

Only 5 Minutes a Month to Tune Up Your Portfolio

Research reports delivered to your inbox
No technical jargon included

Investing in a
new way

Share Recommendations

Each month, Scott and his team reveal their top ASX share for members to buy. Packed with comprehensive research, Scott will showcase exactly why he loves this company.

Plus each month the team reveal the Best Buys Now - these are the top 5 ideas from the scorecard (at that time) that we think will make a great addition to your portfolio.

PLUS each month the team also reveal their top US share to buy.

Preview one of our latest Buy Recommendations.  

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Trusting Motley Fool has made my life simple. With the constant updates and reminders from Scott it keeps me a lot more relaxed. I'm at retirement age and intend to use Motley Fool to help me ensure a return on my investment. I understand there are ups and downs but due to Motley Fool. I'm not panicking and just want to keep on investing. And I can see the benefit in the returns, prior to that it was guess work and hearsay which did not work well.

D A Knott.

Steve Q, Melbourne

This is great and very good value for money, too. Subscribing to the Motley Fool Share Advisor was the best investment decision I have ever made!

Member since 2013

Anthony G, Sydney

Motley Fool is by far the best investment tool I've ever used, and I'll gladly renew the subscription again.

Member since 2015

Stuart C, Perth

I'm sleeping soundly in the knowledge that I have good stocks that were bought from Share Advisor recommendations.

Member since 2013

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