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Want to buy great companies with market beating potential?

Share Advisor focuses on growth stocks with market-beating returns. Members can expect one ASX and one US recommendation each month.

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Want future focused dividend-paying stocks (and to avoid the usual suspects)?

Motley Fool Dividend Investor is a collection of investment ideas that specialises in ASX dividend-paying stocks. Launched in October 2014, our Motley Fool Dividend Investor service focuses on selecting great businesses with regular, reliable, and rising dividend payments.

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Our goal is to help you beat the market – and build long term wealth – by focusing on the greatest small cap investment opportunities in Australia. Investing in small- and micro-cap companies carries challenges that you won’t get from, say Woolworths or BHP Billiton. We’ll combine value and growth philosophies with honest and un-compromised research to help our members earn world-beating returns.

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Portfolio Services

At Odyssey, we’re going to really focus in on helping you be the best investor you can be — by giving you not just stock recommendations (though that’s valuable!) but doubling down on identifying the best companies we can find, giving you portfolio allocations, education, insights and answering your questions.

In short: making sure Odyssey is the best investment you’ve ever made.

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While we think there are many good investment opportunities on the ASX, we believe that investing in our top selection of US listed companies gives you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio whilst earning outsized returns. That is the purpose our team set out to achieve with Shooting Stars. Rather than focusing on the big names — we are looking for the names that we believe have the potential to be tomorrow’s big stories.

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Motley Fool Everlasting Income is a real-money portfolio service whose purpose is to generate maximum, consistent, high quality, tax-effective income; while preserving capital over the long term. A portfolio comprised of ASX dividend paying stocks, this service is aimed at helping investors who are in or nearing retirement to generate consistent, tax-effective income once they’re ultimately no longer earning a paycheque.

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*Motley Fool Pro is a real-money portfolio service catered to Australian investors. The service takes a holistic view of the member experience by providing ongoing guidance on portfolio-level strategy, position sizing, and cash management. We play the long game at Motley Fool Pro. We don’t day trade, time the market, or get too cute making macro calls. We stick to what has proven a winning formula at The Motley Fool: investing in great businesses at good prices and letting time, fundamentals, and quality management do the heavy lifting for us.

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Combination Services

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The moment you upgrade to Gold Pass, you’ll be privy to a wealth of knowledge spanning a decade of meticulous analysis, research, and due diligence from the advisors and analysts behind our Share Advisor, Dividend Investor, Hidden Gems, and ETF Investor services.

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Motley Fool Platinum members have access to the complete Fool Australia product suite including The Premier Portfolio. As part of the Platinum experience members are also invited to join business leaders, company CEOs and the Motley Fool investing team at our exclusive member-only quarterly events.

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